March Issue Saturday

Assessing Access

joint conversation with Jenny Reardon, Craig Moodie and Alice Sheppard
facilitated by Julie Phelps
Friday 19 March
10:30–11:45am PST | 7:30–8:45pm CET

People in Places:
Site Specific Performance-making

conversation with Joanna Haigood
Saturday 20 March
9:00-10:30am PST / 6:00-7:30pm CET


Grand re Union aims to create togetherness in spite of the postmodern fragmented subjectivities and socialities across various neofacist national contexts where white supremacy, homophobia, racial capitalism, environmental destruction, and generalized subjugating cultural norms violently damage individuals, communities, economies, and the planet. In this struggle we must address the shortcomings and opportunities of the contemporary dance field in proximity and opposition to these hetero-patriarchal archeologies of domination. Asking: how is the dance field reinforcing or disrupting harmful patterns of exclusion, inequity and homogenization? 

In the March Issue we hold a lens to the idea of “the bubble,” considering how to move towards more complicated and collectivised connections and communities. This month’s content attempts no conclusions nor recommendation, but is rather an offering of input and ideally also inspiration.