Embracing Complexity introduces the concept of Radical Sociability; a strategy for enacting an intersectional affinity based politics. It is recommended to download the audio file and take a walk with it someplace where you will have little distraction, and hopefully some greenery. 

This piece draws on my research and includes many references from contemporary writers. For ease of listening in this format, not all references have been listed in the sound piece, but please see here for a list of quotes and acknowledgements.

I intend on continuing this research, and am very much aware of gaps in my own experiential knowledge. If you have feedback or comments, please get in touch to discuss: loup.drago@gmail.com

The soundtrack features music from: 
Lamin Fofana
Michael Valentine West
Gamelan Nyai Saraswati
JoAnn McNeil
Likhona Camane
Barraco Barner
Russell E. L. Butler 
Forest Management

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