Back Flesh 2

MOVE BACKWARD legs in frontrock back over sitz-bonesslowly gently lower vertebrabelly contractsknees liftheels slide toward buttocks MEET THAT strong dense thing behind(loyal partner through decades)release under gravityhorizontal now arms by my sidefeet flatoccipital ridge resting on the floor BETWEEN THAT AND THIS PHYSICALITY is a barrierno merging yet releasing yet meltingthe shock of supineeyelids slowly… Read More »

We unite in radical connection, transdisciplinarity, and post-hierarchical collective actions.

We commit to the political potential of live gathering. We start now as planned with gathering online on the June 20th, and then on every month, then hopefully locally, andeventually,we desire to meet all together in-person across the borders of nations, and place, and time. The diversity of these frames will enable us to experience… Read More »