Corto libro a an Anonimo

English / Spanish Estimado anónimo! Contar los hechos de una situación sorpresiva, aparentemente negativa, puede no ser fácil, pero puedo decir que muchas veces de situaciones sorpresivas se sale con muchas enseñanzas. Esta es una de esas situaciones. En febrero del 2020 hice un viaje a Colombia para visitar a mi familia. De repente el… Read More »

Choreographing Attention

supported by Katarzyna Słoboda “We are constantly recomposing our body and our attention in response to the environment, to things known and unknown. This inner dance is a most basic improvisation – reading and responding to the scripts of the environment. It’s our body’s dialogue with our experience.” Those words written by Lisa Nelson in… Read More »

Slow Motion Rave

Put on one of the music tracks and start anywhereorIt could be nice to start low, lying on the floor, breathing. Begin with continuous slow motion,when you started you do not stop. Moving in and out of the floor. Use weight shiftswhich allow for travel through space – slowly. Use the spiral, the twist,in your… Read More »

Choreographing Change

It’s time, and it’s been time for a long time, to take action and do the work of responding to the global circumstances of injustice, extremism, polarization, exploitation, and environmental destruction. Grand re Union, a year-long commissioning and international/intergenerational convening project, was borne out of a craving to address how choreographic and dance practice can… Read More »