Statement Re-write

In the midst of this shifting and falling (and failing), it is very exciting to handle (meaning: an instrument for effecting purpose) a proposal for playing.  Somehow convinced that in order to transit or cross paths it is essential to un/de-mark (dissociate) oneself, as a self-proclamation practice (as reclaiming a territory), and so, I play:… Read More »

The Reading Station

LIVE ON ZOOM Saturday 17 October 20204.00 p.m CET / 7.00 a.m PST/6.00 p.m GETduration: 2,5 hours Agnès Benoit from „books on the move” and Peter Pleyer invite you to a reading and listening room. In the first part they will present and read from books that are meaningful to them, from the past and… Read More »

Sci Fi Anatomy

LIVE ON ZOOM Saturday 17 October 20202.00 p.m CET/ 5.00 a.m PST / 4.00 p.m GET This workshop focuses on creating a dialogue between the matter of the body and the sea of our thoughts and imagination. Through mouvement,sounds and words. Working with casual epicness, craftsmanship of the body and magic. A guided somatic trip… Read More »