Draw or think ten numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Identify each of their Unique Qualities; personalities, flavours, textures, rhythms, as you feel them, or they seem to be wanting, proposing, desiring from you today. Now pick your birthday, or shuffle all ten into a random combination, and start moving. Repeat, shuffle, pause, rewind to your body and heart’s… Read More »

A Walk

Walk forward in silence and without company for some time (suggestion: longer than you do daily). Try to be in walking. What is your pase? What kind of ground are you walking on? How does it feel? What do you see around? What do you hear? After some time let yourself be attracted to one… Read More »

Pierre A Trois Temps

time one – stop on the wayfind the stonefind the good stonefind the old stoneFind the stone that will find you. Please do touch! time two – pick up teaching of the stone fully presentlisten withyour hands,your eyes,your body,your imagination Please do touch! time three – lay it down when the teaching is overplace the… Read More »

Dare to care

in conversation with Bojana KunstZornitsa StoyanovaSarah VanheeKatarzyna Słoboda Dare to care are podcasts featuring guests from the field of dance, choreography, and art. In our dialogues we are focusing on the notion of care in the context of being freelance artists and parents. We aim to listen to each other and to talk specifically about… Read More »


we are offline now. join us.below you will find some tips for activities during a day in nature.if you are in Poznan (Saturday, June 26th), join us in Stary Browar Park from noon till 3pm. see you there! [articles-shortcode postterm='scores' style="smaller"] check also Across-the-board Score for Active Relating Read More »

Grand re Union Picnic

Saturday June, 26thmany places in the world at their own time throughout the day Come to the grass with us,come onto the floor, between and under the trees,on the sands of your beaches.enjoy the company of the nature andin the nature, also within the city,groundingand from that grounding growing in all directions. find ideas about… Read More »

Grand re Union Jam

LIVE from Poznan and other Grand re Union sites,directly into the world after a year of regular online gatheringsand the publication of 9 online magazines,with the 10th - a virtual trip into very real somatic experience,we are finally meeting both live and onlinewith movers and thinkers, dancers and writers of the Grand re Union project.… Read More »

Statement Re-write

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="6801"][/sonaar_audioplayer] staring wide-eyed at faces which are blind to us, we pull back the curtain of conditioning to truly see ourselves, and what we have become. change is everywhere... if we dare to accept the challenge of changing ourselves, first. how can we be together with others when we are not yet truly together… Read More »

On the Movement of Plants and the (Im)Possibility of Plant-Human Choreographies

Artists at work in contemporary choreography and dance are increasingly involved in problematizing the interconnected, affective coexistence of humans and non-humans, including plants. This phenomenon of multispecies coexistence of humans and plants requires a post-anthropocentric ethics, which in essence focuses on respecting all modes of life and on care for beings engaged in our commonly… Read More »

Records of Breath

Records of Breath is an installation that centers upon sounds of breath extracted from a recorded session with a psychologist. During the session, the psychologist walks the artist through experience of collective trauma & public mourning, arriving at personal loss and individual grief. The conversation is recorded with consent. And then the spoken words are… Read More »

Failed Solidarities

moderated by Zeyno Pekünlü In this gathering together with Begüm Özden Fırat, Valeria Graziano and Tomislav Medak, we wish to reflect on neoliberal crisis of care, potentials and limits of solidarity networks, community and neighborhood organizations. Highlighted by but not limited to the current crisis, we wish to question changing meanings of practices of solidarity and… Read More »

Slips, stories, archives

The point of departure for the conversation is (Land)Slip, an exhibition by Agata Siniarska, the fourth event organised as part of the Prototypes project based on the collection of Muzeum Sztuki (Museum of Art) in Lodz, Poland. The exhibition is here an archive of the material qualities of artworks that preserve traces of the artist’s work.… Read More »

People in Places

How do we form community connections? Places are an important ingredient in the connections we are able to form and sustain, whether it be a city, a theater, a neighborhood, or a video lounge. Amidst post-pandemic cultural production many performance makers are moving from stage to site, engaging novel contexts for artistic exploration and presentation.… Read More »

Case in Point: Skywatchers

Skywatchers in the tenderloin National Forestphoto by Deirdre VisserImage description: A large group of people gathered around a central smiling person, they seem to be joyous and are dancing and lifting their arms to the sky or clapping with a brick wall behind and mosaic patio. One person has a shekere rattle in their hand.… Read More »

Assessing Access

facilitated by Julie Phelps A science and technology scholar, a neuroscientist and a choreographer engage a discussion around the concept of access from their particular perspective and field of practice through responding to the same set of open-ended questions. Not intended as a panel of experts, but rather a set of personal perspectives side-by-side… Read More »

Score for Active Relating

Move backwardsMove backwards until your curiosity – your desire – is caught by something in the roomAn objectA spaceA play of lightA relationship____________ (fill in the blank)Meet that thing (there is enough room around the center of your attention to move as you need. You are never held to something unless you want to be.)MEANING… Read More »

Dimes and Yar

my hands aren’t wingspour weight but not out into space or the floor just to the surface“forget who gave me this sweater” I remembermoving around two axis at once (dumb)an angle is made by gifting your whole bodyshiny thingsa wormhole for a frameworkencounter = see (duh) plus let self be seen which fucks up seeing… Read More »

Statement Re-write

Directions to the hotel. In a meeting, people are talking through the formation and execution of the virtual hotel event excitedly. I post notes into an empty email window, and Google auto-suggests the email subject for this fictional email as “directions to the hotel”. This sounds right. In the face of a world pulling apart,… Read More »


We, the Tender Hotel team, began the process of building the February Grand re Union issue by talking about love, care, and discomfort and what our particular interests are there, about polyamory with the Earth and rocks, and about the particular challenges of gathering in virtual spaces. We talked about where our bodies are in… Read More »

Tender Hotel

Setting the temperature Our invitations to hosts and guests at Hotel Tender. Tender Hotel is a place of warmth, care, connection, consent and love. We would like you to meet us there. This is the way of the Tender Hotel. All the room hosts have agreed to hold space in this way. All guests are… Read More »

Choreographing Attention

supported by Katarzyna Słoboda “We are constantly recomposing our body and our attention in response to the environment, to things known and unknown. This inner dance is a most basic improvisation – reading and responding to the scripts of the environment. It’s our body’s dialogue with our experience.” Those words written by Lisa Nelson in… Read More »

Slow Motion Rave

Put on one of the music tracks and start anywhereorIt could be nice to start low, lying on the floor, breathing. Begin with continuous slow motion,when you started you do not stop. Moving in and out of the floor. Use weight shiftswhich allow for travel through space – slowly. Use the spiral, the twist,in your… Read More »

Choreographing Change

It’s time, and it’s been time for a long time, to take action and do the work of responding to the global circumstances of injustice, extremism, polarization, exploitation, and environmental destruction. Grand re Union, a year-long commissioning and international/intergenerational convening project, was borne out of a craving to address how choreographic and dance practice can… Read More »

Statement Re-write

Image description: Glitching scan of a brown piece of paper with many taped-on strips of black text underlined in red on white paper. The words are illegible and the digital white of the scanner is in the background. we are repeating each otherknowing there is nothing new, only that which we already know rearrangedwe are… Read More »

Casters (The Nightingale)

I. When they pressure-washed the pigeon nests the finches came out to singYou can hear dominance invert in melodyI’ve been thinking about how birds screech to assert healthy strengthA dignified prowess until their mortality vertebratesAnd makes drywall bones crumble to dustYou watch our planes fracture in opaque omissionThe more complex the birdsong, the softer linen… Read More »

Parallel Perspectives to Power

On November 1st, 2020, five colleagues agreed to individually reflect on “the transfer of power” between November 4th and December 1st. This window of time began with the U.S. Presidential election and ended with the first day of December. Here is a collection of reflections as the staff experienced this moment in time together and… Read More »

Act II: Return to sender

Robbie SweenyRobbie Sweeny With great respect to the crown of your re-birthWith love from the hot new world of possibilitiesThis story ain’t yoursIt’s oursall ours!Told like a rope that we toss to lift us out of sorrow’s wellAnd we laugh!!!!!!While we reach down to pull you up! It’s a bawdy talefull of half truths,unpaid bills,patchwork… Read More »

The Land You are On We are all on Indigenous land. Whose ancestral land is this? How did we get here? What is the story of the place we are? How can we recognize responsibiliity in the lineage of displacement, colonization and genocide that our country is founded on? This short multi-media piece examines history, place, responsibility, and rematriation… Read More »

Inside Power Shift

Introductions Introductions Footnotes 1. HMD is working with consultant Safi Jiroh (LeaderSpring Center) on developing a model for its transition to distributed leadership. 2. Power Shift: Improvisation, Activism, and Community, the Bridge Project’s 10th Anniversary program, concluded in November 2020. Visit for a full archive to this and other Bridge Project programs. Question… Read More »

Shifting Power Towards Collective Liberation

This workshop explores the intersection of the body, Power, and liberation. Together, we will begin to address and unpack Power in the body as we divest from patriarchal expressions of Power that make liberation next to impossible. Through a combination of lecture, writing, reflection, and dance improvisation/embodiment exercises, participants will explore their personal relationship to… Read More »

Embodied Divination

Robbie Sweeny In this hour and a half together,you are invited to contemplate your body as oracle,as compass,and site for social repair.A short journey together moving withoppressionprivilegedyingrebirthisolationconnectionand the liminal space of nowhold on to your breathfreedom is not free Please wear clothes to move ina notebookwater to drinkany talismans/crystals that you work with or that… Read More »

Dancing with Ideas

facilitated by Hannah Meleokaiao Ayasse How do we understand consent, power, and agency in dance from the rehearsal to the class to the nightclub? You are invited to listen in on a roundtable discussion on issues of consent in dance featuring perspectives from choreography, contact improvisation, dance education, and nightlife. If we choose to ask… Read More »

Whale Fall

Whale came to visit me today Whale said, Hey do you have a moment? I didn’t know what to say because I had never been visited by a whale before whale said I’m here to show you how to live and die I’m going to take you to the depths, to the place Where my… Read More »


We meet. On a disorienting walk. I notice you immediately.Spiral into you. Looking up at me. There is desire.To spend time. To get to know you. I’m curious.If we could work together. We go back to mine. I lean youagainst the wall. To understand. How best this could be digested.I want to know what you… Read More »

Flow & Flex

Reimagining forms of relation entails imagining new genres of experienceSex, or the Unbearable — Laurent Berlant and Lee Edelman Materials in the collages have been collected from educational booklets on nature, science, guides on hiking and fishing, an illustrated guide on weight lifting, all printed in the socialist period. They we all found in Estonia,… Read More »

Re-Membering the Self

There are parts of oneself that are unseen, left behind and forgotten. They come out at night, calling for one’s attention in dreams. If one responds to the call, one can re-member oneself and redirect the newly gained energy to a new place within and without. If one keeps neglecting the call, it becomes a… Read More »

A Gathering of Ghosts We live in a haunted world. Our present is imbued with ghosts speaking from both past and future. They are a paradox, an absence, human and other-than-human, that is nevertheless eerily present and influential. They might point out that something is missing, something is wrong. Ghosts show us that time is not linear, but… Read More »


The Grand Re Union team invites all the colleagues, friends and  from partners to join CoFestival program, that this year will happen partly online (in November) and live (in April in Ljubljana). Below you will find more information on the online program, which thematic scope, The Amplifiers of Voice, resonates strongly with the November magazine… Read More »

Statement Re-write

In the midst of this shifting and falling (and failing), it is very exciting to handle (meaning: an instrument for effecting purpose) a proposal for playing.  Somehow convinced that in order to transit or cross paths it is essential to un/de-mark (dissociate) oneself, as a self-proclamation practice (as reclaiming a territory), and so, I play:… Read More »

Sci Fi Anatomy

This workshop focuses on creating a dialogue between the matter of the body and the sea of our thoughts and imagination. Through mouvement,sounds and words. Working with casual epicness, craftsmanship of the body and magic. A guided somatic trip where the content slides from anatomical references onto the slippery slope of science fiction with no… Read More »

Letter from Quarto

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1441"][/sonaar_audioplayer] English We are in a place of uncertainty. In between or before or after. Not now. Now, more than never. Living the lack of life before the pandemic, absence of meetings with inspiring people, that we hug with our chest. Those that make our world, and with their absence life becomes lonely, desert… Read More »

Letter from Zsolt

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1662"][/sonaar_audioplayer] Hello dear friends in Grand re Union! A few months have passed since our first meeting in June. I hope this letter finds you in good health both physically and mentally. Unfortunately it was not possible to meet in person in lovely Poznan and even though it was great and quite exciting to… Read More »

Letter from Yuliya

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1443"][/sonaar_audioplayer] English PastI am sitting in my apartment in Warsaw and reading the news. The court sentenced to 10 days of arrest the sound engineers who played "Khochu Peremen!"* ("Changes!") by Viktor Tsoi in Kievsky Park and interrupted the pro-Lukashenko concert with this song. It has already become an anthem for change and resistance… Read More »

Letter from Shira

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1442"][/sonaar_audioplayer] Hello dear, This is a letter from me, Shira, from my home in Jaffa, as I am sitting in front of my computer, in my body. How do you start to describe what has been happening, here, in my thoughts, in my heart, and in Israel/Palestine? I would like to initially share that… Read More »

Letter from Salome

Dear Grand re UnionersI am Salome Sordia, independent curator and cultural project manager based in Tbilisi, Georgia. I have more than 10-years-experience, in both visual and performing arts, so basically this is the field I’m so passionate about. However, suddenly I woke up in the reality, where the human existence was totally uncertain and that… Read More »

Letter from Neemias

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1439"][/sonaar_audioplayer] Selfie in quarantine We miss palpable digression.The time of expectations,the flow of afections, sound,saliva, the skin and the smell. Nothing is more permanent than the impermanence of things. At this rate, I am more used to the speed in which the things have changed. I needed to tackle this reality and created spaces… Read More »

Letter from Mariana

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1438"][/sonaar_audioplayer] September 2020 Dear; While fixing one of my face masks (literal translation in colombianism tapabocas: mouth-coverer), I think… it rains again.(...)Well, as I was saying. while fixing one of my tapabocas, I think, with a bit of rage, how ridiculous! I think about having a transparent one, one that could be un-use(full). Better… Read More »

Letter from Katja

Minsk, Belarus Wednesday morning, I’ve been falling asleep accompanied by the explosions of noise bombs for three days, there is a constant hum in my ears, there is still no Internet. I am preparing a white dress for me and my friend, fortunately there are fresh flowers at home. It's not far from my house… Read More »

Letter from Inna

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1434"][/sonaar_audioplayer] Belarus. Summer 2020It feels like an eternity… Nobody could have imagined that we would face an even more difficult challenge after the coronavirus. A summer of incredible discoveries, queues, pain, fear, tears, constant inner choices and titanic work to achieve acceptance. This summer, the following words are often heard in our vocabulary: violenceprovocationfalsificationavtozak… Read More »

Letter from Hasmik

From: Hasmik Tangyan / 16.09.2020, o godz. 05:59 / Armenia Dear,I have nothing to say with that letter.sorry for this very late reply. I just wanted to say that I am not at capacity emotionally and timewise and I won’t be able to make anything.Whatever I do is artificial.Hope you are well and sending warmth.… Read More »

Letter from Filip

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1417"][/sonaar_audioplayer] Dear friend,Let me start with a memory. I remember writing articles about modern patriotism in high school. I argued with my colleagues that there was a certain attachment to the nation and even a patriotic duty. I defended the idea of attachment to the nation, its culture and traditions. With sadness, and even… Read More »

Letter from Dragana

“Perhaps the true society would become BORED WITH DEVELOPMENT, and would out of freedom leave possibilities UNUSED, instead of storming alien stars under a confused compulsion”Theodor W Adorno “Sur l’eau”, in “Minima Moralia” Dear Anna,It is your birthday today. I don’t know which one, but this in your case really doesn’t matter – you are… Read More »

Letter from Anderson

Message from Dandara [sonaar_audioplayer albums="1416"][/sonaar_audioplayer] Camaçari, State of Bahia, Brasil My name is Anderson Santana Dantasand in this moment I am a piece of myself in anyone I have ever ‘touched’.I am a body, isolated from others, some sort of a scientific experiment over myself. Going to a shop nowadays it’s some sort of… Read More »

Agency of Silence

Two choreographers for whom the voice is a crucial medium contemplate silence, its physicality and its political agency. Dialoguing on and deeply listening to the current troubled times, they are examining silence as a physical practice, meticulously weaving polyphonic sensorial compositions of voices and thoughts of generations of artists, thinkers and activists. Questioning silence’s presence… Read More »

Rainbow Letters from Warsaw

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1737"][/sonaar_audioplayer] * Choreo-graphics created in texts are based on one simple principle and limitation: they are created only with the characters and symbols available on the keyboard and in Word (offline mode). 14 June 2020 This is://////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// rain. And this is:  _/  \bow. These are:  _|   |      letters This is Erich: from… Read More »

The Art of Listening

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1414"][/sonaar_audioplayer] Easy or not so much? Listening seems dead simple, doesn't it? But is it really? Check with some short exercises. Spend one minute experiencing it. I will set our timer. Don't do anything during this time, just listen to the sounds of the world you are in. Your only task is to listen.… Read More »

Chi This Chi tutorial is a short introduction to series of movement/breath exercises that articulate the spine, work the muscles, touch all the meridians and will raise your physical energy and your consciousness building strength and vitality. camera/edit: Tori Lawrence (camera/edit) Read More »

Taking emotions seriously

Enemies of democracy have always manipulated feelings. Yet what we need today is a passionate defense of liberal democracy and the liberal order. We also need to embrace the feeling of loss and translate it into something positive and enriching, into a feeling about political community: empathy. Read More »

The Listening Station

Dear All,Welcome to The Listening Station.This is the place to listen to stories andto tell stories.You are invited to come in and listen orTo come in and tell me a story.Any storya funny story, a sad story,a story from the past, a story from today, a story of the future,your story, another's story, any story.I… Read More »

In-spiration Ex-piration Co-spiration

Inspiration, Expiration, Co-spiration is a somatic lecture, an online class and a choral experience of practicing gas exchange together. Audio Recording [sonaar_audioplayer albums="1748"][/sonaar_audioplayer] We cannot help but breathing. And still respiration is a movement, a rhythm and a nourishment, that changes with the stories we decide to tell about it. Body Industrial Palace by Fritz… Read More »

Kick Off Offerings

Planned initially as a live gathering, Grand re Union was slated to gather dozens of artists and thinkers of different disciplines in Poznan, Poland. The group was to spend 10 days full of dancing, thinking, talking and sharing practices, engaging in discussions, and exchanging ideas and dreams. To hold to the spirit of this initial… Read More »

Wake Up

What is present for you in your thoughts, feelings, sensations? What is the question you are asking yourself these days? Write it down on a piece of paper and browse through a stock of magazines, newspapers, old books, flyers, teabags tags, random slips of papers, chocolate silverware that you already have. Notice what attracts your… Read More »


[sonaar_audioplayer albums="782"][/sonaar_audioplayer] Transcript Hello, Good afternoon, morning, evening – wherever you are in the world right now, listening, I  feel excited to be sharing with you my very first Audio Recording of Upwording, created for the launch of the online platform  of the international, intergenerational conference the Grand Re Union.   My name is Rivca… Read More »

Moving the Mirror Moving the Mirror is an ongoing improvisational performance project initiated by Peter Pleyer in 2016. It brings together dance artists from Warsaw and Berlin and it was performed in Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań and Berlin. This video – as an alternative to a real meeting – was commissioned especially for The Kick Off Issue of… Read More »

elsewhere and otherwise

pon., 13 cze 2020  liebe agata,my name is veronika blumstein. I live in southern california. such critical times here.  I’ve been gone for so long. how can I really know what’s happening there if I’m here and vice-versa.   peter says we must connect.i hear you are living in exile and making potent work in… Read More »

Embracing Complexity

Embracing Complexity introduces the concept of Radical Sociability; a strategy for enacting an intersectional affinity based politics. It is recommended to download the audio file and take a walk with it someplace where you will have little distraction, and hopefully some greenery.  This piece draws on my research and includes many references from contemporary writers. For ease of… Read More »

A New Kind of Wildness

Jack Halberstam, Professor of Gender Studies and English at Columbia University, offered this lecture on The Rite of Spring by Nijinsky and Stravinsky at CounterPulse in June of 2020. Halberstam explores issues at the intersection of queer theory and wildness/modernity. This lecture is related to a chapter in Halberstam’s latest book, forthcoming in October 2020… Read More »

Kick Off Dana Caspersen, Alice Sheppard, Bush Hartshorn, Márta Ladjánszki, Marta Keil, Andrew Morrish, Joanna Leśnierowska, Neemias Santana, Nina Martin, Rivca Rubin, Roshana Rubin Mayhew, Iwona Olszowska, Magdalena Przybysz, Mădălina Dan, Agata Siniarska, Romain Bigé, Marine Bikard, Natalia Gorzelańczyk, Michiel Keuper, Ka Rustler, Julia Asperska, Ania Nowak, Hasmik Tangyan, Konrad Kurowski, Marta Harasimowicz, Paweł Sakowicz, Filip… Read More »