Drag Queens Acts

The videos were created intently for the Grand re Union JAM in the frame of June edition. Due to the Facebook copyright policy, we couldn't stream the performances on our channel. To watch the videos, please go directly throughout the link. Sound & Color / Hey Black Child(part 1) by doom body (fka Eartha Kunt)… Read More »


Draw or think ten numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Identify each of their Unique Qualities; personalities, flavours, textures, rhythms, as you feel them, or they seem to be wanting, proposing, desiring from you today. Now pick your birthday, or shuffle all ten into a random combination, and start moving. Repeat, shuffle, pause, rewind to your body and heart’s… Read More »

A Walk

Walk forward in silence and without company for some time (suggestion: longer than you do daily). Try to be in walking. What is your pase? What kind of ground are you walking on? How does it feel? What do you see around? What do you hear? After some time let yourself be attracted to one… Read More »

Pierre A Trois Temps

time one – stop on the wayfind the stonefind the good stonefind the old stoneFind the stone that will find you. Please do touch! time two – pick up teaching of the stone fully presentlisten withyour hands,your eyes,your body,your imagination Please do touch! time three – lay it down when the teaching is overplace the… Read More »

Dare to care

in conversation with Bojana KunstZornitsa StoyanovaSarah VanheeKatarzyna Słoboda Dare to care are podcasts featuring guests from the field of dance, choreography, and art. In our dialogues we are focusing on the notion of care in the context of being freelance artists and parents. We aim to listen to each other and to talk specifically about… Read More »


we are offline now. join us.below you will find some tips for activities during a day in nature.if you are in Poznan (Saturday, June 26th), join us in Stary Browar Park from noon till 3pm. see you there! [articles-shortcode postterm='scores' style="smaller"] check also Across-the-board Score for Active Relating Read More »

Grand re Union Picnic

Saturday June, 26thmany places in the world at their own time throughout the day Come to the grass with us,come onto the floor, between and under the trees,on the sands of your beaches.enjoy the company of the nature andin the nature, also within the city,groundingand from that grounding growing in all directions. find ideas about… Read More »

Grand re Union Jam

LIVE from Poznan and other Grand re Union sites,directly into the world after a year of regular online gatheringsand the publication of 9 online magazines,with the 10th - a virtual trip into very real somatic experience,we are finally meeting both live and onlinewith movers and thinkers, dancers and writers of the Grand re Union project.… Read More »