Statement Re-write

Image description: Glitching scan of a brown piece of paper with many taped-on strips of black text underlined in red on white paper. The words are illegible and the digital white of the scanner is in the background. we are repeating each otherknowing there is nothing new, only that which we already know rearrangedwe are… Read More »

Casters (The Nightingale)

I. When they pressure-washed the pigeon nests the finches came out to singYou can hear dominance invert in melodyI’ve been thinking about how birds screech to assert healthy strengthA dignified prowess until their mortality vertebratesAnd makes drywall bones crumble to dustYou watch our planes fracture in opaque omissionThe more complex the birdsong, the softer linen… Read More »

Parallel Perspectives to Power

On November 1st, 2020, five colleagues agreed to individually reflect on “the transfer of power” between November 4th and December 1st. This window of time began with the U.S. Presidential election and ended with the first day of December. Here is a collection of reflections as the staff experienced this moment in time together and… Read More »

Act II: Return to sender

Robbie SweenyRobbie Sweeny With great respect to the crown of your re-birthWith love from the hot new world of possibilitiesThis story ain’t yoursIt’s oursall ours!Told like a rope that we toss to lift us out of sorrow’s wellAnd we laugh!!!!!!While we reach down to pull you up! It’s a bawdy talefull of half truths,unpaid bills,patchwork… Read More »

The Land You are On We are all on Indigenous land. Whose ancestral land is this? How did we get here? What is the story of the place we are? How can we recognize responsibiliity in the lineage of displacement, colonization and genocide that our country is founded on? This short multi-media piece examines history, place, responsibility, and rematriation… Read More »

Inside Power Shift

Introductions Introductions Footnotes 1. HMD is working with consultant Safi Jiroh (LeaderSpring Center) on developing a model for its transition to distributed leadership. 2. Power Shift: Improvisation, Activism, and Community, the Bridge Project’s 10th Anniversary program, concluded in November 2020. Visit for a full archive to this and other Bridge Project programs. Question… Read More »

Shifting Power Towards Collective Liberation

This workshop explores the intersection of the body, Power, and liberation. Together, we will begin to address and unpack Power in the body as we divest from patriarchal expressions of Power that make liberation next to impossible. Through a combination of lecture, writing, reflection, and dance improvisation/embodiment exercises, participants will explore their personal relationship to… Read More »

Embodied Divination

Robbie Sweeny In this hour and a half together,you are invited to contemplate your body as oracle,as compass,and site for social repair.A short journey together moving withoppressionprivilegedyingrebirthisolationconnectionand the liminal space of nowhold on to your breathfreedom is not free Please wear clothes to move ina notebookwater to drinkany talismans/crystals that you work with or that… Read More »

Dancing with Ideas

facilitated by Hannah Meleokaiao Ayasse How do we understand consent, power, and agency in dance from the rehearsal to the class to the nightclub? You are invited to listen in on a roundtable discussion on issues of consent in dance featuring perspectives from choreography, contact improvisation, dance education, and nightlife. If we choose to ask… Read More »