Whale Fall

Whale came to visit me today Whale said, Hey do you have a moment? I didn’t know what to say because I had never been visited by a whale before whale said I’m here to show you how to live and die I’m going to take you to the depths, to the place Where my… Read More »


We meet. On a disorienting walk. I notice you immediately.Spiral into you. Looking up at me. There is desire.To spend time. To get to know you. I’m curious.If we could work together. We go back to mine. I lean youagainst the wall. To understand. How best this could be digested.I want to know what you… Read More »

Flow & Flex

Reimagining forms of relation entails imagining new genres of experienceSex, or the Unbearable — Laurent Berlant and Lee Edelman Materials in the collages have been collected from educational booklets on nature, science, guides on hiking and fishing, an illustrated guide on weight lifting, all printed in the socialist period. They we all found in Estonia,… Read More »

Re-Membering the Self

There are parts of oneself that are unseen, left behind and forgotten. They come out at night, calling for one’s attention in dreams. If one responds to the call, one can re-member oneself and redirect the newly gained energy to a new place within and without. If one keeps neglecting the call, it becomes a… Read More »

A Gathering of Ghosts

https://youtu.be/-xqzX-AVfNc We live in a haunted world. Our present is imbued with ghosts speaking from both past and future. They are a paradox, an absence, human and other-than-human, that is nevertheless eerily present and influential. They might point out that something is missing, something is wrong. Ghosts show us that time is not linear, but… Read More »


The Grand Re Union team invites all the colleagues, friends and  from partners to join CoFestival program, that this year will happen partly online (in November) and live (in April in Ljubljana). Below you will find more information on the online program, which thematic scope, The Amplifiers of Voice, resonates strongly with the November magazine… Read More »