Shifting Power Towards Collective Liberation

This workshop explores the intersection of the body, Power, and liberation. Together, we will begin to address and unpack Power in the body as we divest from patriarchal expressions of Power that make liberation next to impossible. Through a combination of lecture, writing, reflection, and dance improvisation/embodiment exercises, participants will explore their personal relationship to… Read More »

Embodied Divination

Robbie Sweeny In this hour and a half together,you are invited to contemplate your body as oracle,as compass,and site for social repair.A short journey together moving withoppressionprivilegedyingrebirthisolationconnectionand the liminal space of nowhold on to your breathfreedom is not free Please wear clothes to move ina notebookwater to drinkany talismans/crystals that you work with or that… Read More »

Re-Membering the Self

There are parts of oneself that are unseen, left behind and forgotten. They come out at night, calling for one’s attention in dreams. If one responds to the call, one can re-member oneself and redirect the newly gained energy to a new place within and without. If one keeps neglecting the call, it becomes a… Read More »