Tender Hotel Old

Through the 24 hours, please always arrive ON the hour (we would really struggle with late arrivals). We then introduce you to the Tender Hotel's navigation, temperature and provide the links to the off-site facilities.  Between some activities you can come and go, as you please. Others invite your stay without drop-ins. You can of… Read More »

Drag Queens Acts

The videos were created intently for the Grand re Union JAM in the frame of June edition. Due to the Facebook copyright policy, we couldn't stream the performances on our channel. To watch the videos, please go directly throughout the link. Sound & Color / Hey Black Child(part 1) by doom body (fka Eartha Kunt)… Read More »


OneVery sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldmeSimpleApproach! OneVery sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very sipldme Very… Read More »


Draw or think ten numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Identify each of their Unique Qualities; personalities, flavours, textures, rhythms, as you feel them, or they seem to be wanting, proposing, desiring from you today. Now pick your birthday, or shuffle all ten into a random combination, and start moving. Repeat, shuffle, pause, rewind to your body and heart’s… Read More »

A Walk

Walk forward in silence and without company for some time (suggestion: longer than you do daily). Try to be in walking. What is your pase? What kind of ground are you walking on? How does it feel? What do you see around? What do you hear? After some time let yourself be attracted to one… Read More »

Pierre A Trois Temps

time one – stop on the wayfind the stonefind the good stonefind the old stoneFind the stone that will find you. Please do touch! time two – pick up teaching of the stone fully presentlisten withyour hands,your eyes,your body,your imagination Please do touch! time three – lay it down when the teaching is overplace the… Read More »

Score for Active Relating

Move backwardsMove backwards until your curiosity – your desire – is caught by something in the roomAn objectA spaceA play of lightA relationship____________ (fill in the blank)Meet that thing (there is enough room around the center of your attention to move as you need. You are never held to something unless you want to be.)MEANING… Read More »

Dimes and Yar

my hands aren’t wingspour weight but not out into space or the floor just to the surface“forget who gave me this sweater” I remembermoving around two axis at once (dumb)an angle is made by gifting your whole bodyshiny thingsa wormhole for a frameworkencounter = see (duh) plus let self be seen which fucks up seeing… Read More »

Corto libro a an Anonimo

English / Spanish Estimado anónimo! Contar los hechos de una situación sorpresiva, aparentemente negativa, puede no ser fácil, pero puedo decir que muchas veces de situaciones sorpresivas se sale con muchas enseñanzas. Esta es una de esas situaciones. En febrero del 2020 hice un viaje a Colombia para visitar a mi familia. De repente el… Read More »

Casters (The Nightingale)

I. When they pressure-washed the pigeon nests the finches came out to singYou can hear dominance invert in melodyI’ve been thinking about how birds screech to assert healthy strengthA dignified prowess until their mortality vertebratesAnd makes drywall bones crumble to dustYou watch our planes fracture in opaque omissionThe more complex the birdsong, the softer linen… Read More »

Letter from Quarto

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1441"][/sonaar_audioplayer] English We are in a place of uncertainty. In between or before or after. Not now. Now, more than never. Living the lack of life before the pandemic, absence of meetings with inspiring people, that we hug with our chest. Those that make our world, and with their absence life becomes lonely, desert… Read More »

Letter from Zsolt

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1662"][/sonaar_audioplayer] Hello dear friends in Grand re Union! A few months have passed since our first meeting in June. I hope this letter finds you in good health both physically and mentally. Unfortunately it was not possible to meet in person in lovely Poznan and even though it was great and quite exciting to… Read More »

Letter from Yuliya

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1443"][/sonaar_audioplayer] English PastI am sitting in my apartment in Warsaw and reading the news. The court sentenced to 10 days of arrest the sound engineers who played "Khochu Peremen!"* ("Changes!") by Viktor Tsoi in Kievsky Park and interrupted the pro-Lukashenko concert with this song. It has already become an anthem for change and resistance… Read More »

Letter from Shira

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1442"][/sonaar_audioplayer] Hello dear, This is a letter from me, Shira, from my home in Jaffa, as I am sitting in front of my computer, in my body. How do you start to describe what has been happening, here, in my thoughts, in my heart, and in Israel/Palestine? I would like to initially share that… Read More »

Letter from Salome

Dear Grand re UnionersI am Salome Sordia, independent curator and cultural project manager based in Tbilisi, Georgia. I have more than 10-years-experience, in both visual and performing arts, so basically this is the field I’m so passionate about. However, suddenly I woke up in the reality, where the human existence was totally uncertain and that… Read More »

Letter from Neemias

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1439"][/sonaar_audioplayer] Selfie in quarantine We miss palpable digression.The time of expectations,the flow of afections, sound,saliva, the skin and the smell. Nothing is more permanent than the impermanence of things. At this rate, I am more used to the speed in which the things have changed. I needed to tackle this reality and created spaces… Read More »

Letter from Mariana

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1438"][/sonaar_audioplayer] September 2020 Dear; While fixing one of my face masks (literal translation in colombianism tapabocas: mouth-coverer), I think… it rains again.(...)Well, as I was saying. while fixing one of my tapabocas, I think, with a bit of rage, how ridiculous! I think about having a transparent one, one that could be un-use(full). Better… Read More »

Letter from Katja

Minsk, Belarus Wednesday morning, I’ve been falling asleep accompanied by the explosions of noise bombs for three days, there is a constant hum in my ears, there is still no Internet. I am preparing a white dress for me and my friend, fortunately there are fresh flowers at home. It's not far from my house… Read More »

Letter from Inna

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1434"][/sonaar_audioplayer] Belarus. Summer 2020It feels like an eternity… Nobody could have imagined that we would face an even more difficult challenge after the coronavirus. A summer of incredible discoveries, queues, pain, fear, tears, constant inner choices and titanic work to achieve acceptance. This summer, the following words are often heard in our vocabulary: violenceprovocationfalsificationavtozak… Read More »

Letter from Hasmik

From: Hasmik Tangyan / 16.09.2020, o godz. 05:59 / Armenia Dear,I have nothing to say with that letter.sorry for this very late reply. I just wanted to say that I am not at capacity emotionally and timewise and I won’t be able to make anything.Whatever I do is artificial.Hope you are well and sending warmth.… Read More »

Letter from Filip

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1417"][/sonaar_audioplayer] Dear friend,Let me start with a memory. I remember writing articles about modern patriotism in high school. I argued with my colleagues that there was a certain attachment to the nation and even a patriotic duty. I defended the idea of attachment to the nation, its culture and traditions. With sadness, and even… Read More »

Letter from Dragana

“Perhaps the true society would become BORED WITH DEVELOPMENT, and would out of freedom leave possibilities UNUSED, instead of storming alien stars under a confused compulsion”Theodor W Adorno “Sur l’eau”, in “Minima Moralia” Dear Anna,It is your birthday today. I don’t know which one, but this in your case really doesn’t matter – you are… Read More »

Letter from Anderson

Message from Dandara https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orRZtGJCctk [sonaar_audioplayer albums="1416"][/sonaar_audioplayer] Camaçari, State of Bahia, Brasil My name is Anderson Santana Dantasand in this moment I am a piece of myself in anyone I have ever ‘touched’.I am a body, isolated from others, some sort of a scientific experiment over myself. Going to a shop nowadays it’s some sort of… Read More »

We unite in radical connection, transdisciplinarity, and post-hierarchical collective actions.

We commit to the political potential of live gathering. We start now as planned with gathering online on the June 20th, and then on every month, then hopefully locally, andeventually,we desire to meet all together in-person across the borders of nations, and place, and time. The diversity of these frames will enable us to experience… Read More »