Grand re Union Picnic

Saturday June, 26thmany places in the world at their own time throughout the day Come to the grass with us,come onto the floor, between and under the trees,on the sands of your beaches.enjoy the company of the nature andin the nature, also within the city,groundingand from that grounding growing in all directions. find ideas about… Read More »

Grand re Union Jam

LIVE from Poznan and other Grand re Union sites,directly into the world after a year of regular online gatheringsand the publication of 9 online magazines,with the 10th - a virtual trip into very real somatic experience,we are finally meeting both live and onlinewith movers and thinkers, dancers and writers of the Grand re Union project.… Read More »

Failed Solidarities

moderated by Zeyno Pekünlü In this gathering together with Begüm Özden Fırat, Valeria Graziano and Tomislav Medak, we wish to reflect on neoliberal crisis of care, potentials and limits of solidarity networks, community and neighborhood organizations. Highlighted by but not limited to the current crisis, we wish to question changing meanings of practices of solidarity and… Read More »

Slips, stories, archives

The point of departure for the conversation is (Land)Slip, an exhibition by Agata Siniarska, the fourth event organised as part of the Prototypes project based on the collection of Muzeum Sztuki (Museum of Art) in Lodz, Poland. The exhibition is here an archive of the material qualities of artworks that preserve traces of the artist’s work.… Read More »

Assessing Access

facilitated by Julie Phelps A science and technology scholar, a neuroscientist and a choreographer engage a discussion around the concept of access from their particular perspective and field of practice through responding to the same set of open-ended questions. Not intended as a panel of experts, but rather a set of personal perspectives side-by-side… Read More »

Tender Hotel

Setting the temperature Our invitations to hosts and guests at Hotel Tender. Tender Hotel is a place of warmth, care, connection, consent and love. We would like you to meet us there. This is the way of the Tender Hotel. All the room hosts have agreed to hold space in this way. All guests are… Read More »

Choreographing Change

It’s time, and it’s been time for a long time, to take action and do the work of responding to the global circumstances of injustice, extremism, polarization, exploitation, and environmental destruction. Grand re Union, a year-long commissioning and international/intergenerational convening project, was borne out of a craving to address how choreographic and dance practice can… Read More »

Dancing with Ideas

facilitated by Hannah Meleokaiao Ayasse How do we understand consent, power, and agency in dance from the rehearsal to the class to the nightclub? You are invited to listen in on a roundtable discussion on issues of consent in dance featuring perspectives from choreography, contact improvisation, dance education, and nightlife. If we choose to ask… Read More »

A Gathering of Ghosts We live in a haunted world. Our present is imbued with ghosts speaking from both past and future. They are a paradox, an absence, human and other-than-human, that is nevertheless eerily present and influential. They might point out that something is missing, something is wrong. Ghosts show us that time is not linear, but… Read More »

Sci Fi Anatomy

This workshop focuses on creating a dialogue between the matter of the body and the sea of our thoughts and imagination. Through mouvement,sounds and words. Working with casual epicness, craftsmanship of the body and magic. A guided somatic trip where the content slides from anatomical references onto the slippery slope of science fiction with no… Read More »

The Listening Station

Dear All,Welcome to The Listening Station.This is the place to listen to stories andto tell stories.You are invited to come in and listen orTo come in and tell me a story.Any storya funny story, a sad story,a story from the past, a story from today, a story of the future,your story, another's story, any story.I… Read More »