we are offline now. join us.below you will find some tips for activities during a day in nature.if you are in Poznan (Saturday, June 26th), join us in Stary Browar Park from noon till 3pm. see you there! [articles-shortcode postterm='scores' style="smaller"] check also Across-the-board Score for Active Relating Read More »

On the Movement of Plants and the (Im)Possibility of Plant-Human Choreographies

Artists at work in contemporary choreography and dance are increasingly involved in problematizing the interconnected, affective coexistence of humans and non-humans, including plants. This phenomenon of multispecies coexistence of humans and plants requires a post-anthropocentric ethics, which in essence focuses on respecting all modes of life and on care for beings engaged in our commonly… Read More »

Case in Point: Skywatchers

Skywatchers in the tenderloin National Forestphoto by Deirdre VisserImage description: A large group of people gathered around a central smiling person, they seem to be joyous and are dancing and lifting their arms to the sky or clapping with a brick wall behind and mosaic patio. One person has a shekere rattle in their hand.… Read More »


We, the Tender Hotel team, began the process of building the February Grand re Union issue by talking about love, care, and discomfort and what our particular interests are there, about polyamory with the Earth and rocks, and about the particular challenges of gathering in virtual spaces. We talked about where our bodies are in… Read More »

Parallel Perspectives to Power

On November 1st, 2020, five colleagues agreed to individually reflect on “the transfer of power” between November 4th and December 1st. This window of time began with the U.S. Presidential election and ended with the first day of December. Here is a collection of reflections as the staff experienced this moment in time together and… Read More »

Act II: Return to sender

Robbie SweenyRobbie Sweeny With great respect to the crown of your re-birthWith love from the hot new world of possibilitiesThis story ain’t yoursIt’s oursall ours!Told like a rope that we toss to lift us out of sorrow’s wellAnd we laugh!!!!!!While we reach down to pull you up! It’s a bawdy talefull of half truths,unpaid bills,patchwork… Read More »

Whale Fall

Whale came to visit me today Whale said, Hey do you have a moment? I didn’t know what to say because I had never been visited by a whale before whale said I’m here to show you how to live and die I’m going to take you to the depths, to the place Where my… Read More »


We meet. On a disorienting walk. I notice you immediately.Spiral into you. Looking up at me. There is desire.To spend time. To get to know you. I’m curious.If we could work together. We go back to mine. I lean youagainst the wall. To understand. How best this could be digested.I want to know what you… Read More »

Flow & Flex

Reimagining forms of relation entails imagining new genres of experienceSex, or the Unbearable — Laurent Berlant and Lee Edelman Materials in the collages have been collected from educational booklets on nature, science, guides on hiking and fishing, an illustrated guide on weight lifting, all printed in the socialist period. They we all found in Estonia,… Read More »

Rainbow Letters from Warsaw

[sonaar_audioplayer albums="1737"][/sonaar_audioplayer] * Choreo-graphics created in texts are based on one simple principle and limitation: they are created only with the characters and symbols available on the keyboard and in Word (offline mode). 14 June 2020 This is://////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// rain. And this is:  _/  \bow. These are:  _|   |      letters This is Erich: from… Read More »

elsewhere and otherwise

pon., 13 cze 2020  liebe agata,my name is veronika blumstein. I live in southern california. such critical times here.  I’ve been gone for so long. how can I really know what’s happening there if I’m here and vice-versa.   peter says we must connect.i hear you are living in exile and making potent work in… Read More »